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Speed up and clean your OSX iMac and MacBook

If you have an older Apple laptop or desktop they you may notice that it has started to slow down. This can be from struggles with new a OSX or because it is full of unnecessary files, app, and software. View full description


  • Easy to use
  • Speeds up and cleans your Mac
  • Perfect for less experienced users


  • Much of what it does you can do yourself with a little effort


If you have an older Apple laptop or desktop they you may notice that it has started to slow down. This can be from struggles with new a OSX or because it is full of unnecessary files, app, and software.

This is where Movavi Mac Cleaner comes in.

This all-in-one cleaner and tune-up utility can quickly identify items that are wasting your Mac’s hard drive space and system resources. The trial version can then help clear 500MB of space, optimize your RAM, and provides a configurable firewall.

Feeling full

After installing and starting Movavi Mac Cleaner, I am told that my system needs cleaning. It’s an alarming way to be introduced to the program but it is probably right - I haven’t turned on my Mac in a few months and it is filled with unnecessary files.

What is a little more troubling is that it told me I could free up a whopping 44.5GB of space.

While this seemed a little high, the initial one minute scan – which begins automatically when Movavi Mac Cleaner is lunched – reveals that it is accurate. Much of this is an easy fix, with a lot of the waste already sat in my Recycle Bin. But with nearly 4GB is being taken up by junk, cached, temporary, and language files, it isn't all obvious.

An appealing button at the bottom of the screen then invites me to clean my machine, and one click later I realize the limits of this trial. A popup informs me that my total clean-up allowance is 500MB before paying, so – even after emptying my Recycle Bin - the trail version of Movavi Mac Cleaner would still only clean an eighth of my files.

Simple and convenient

Movavi Mac Cleaner, and its trial version, do offer much more functionality. Two features you can enjoy without paying are the RAM memory cleaner and the Firewall.

The first of these purges your RAM of any clutter, speeding up your activities. For me the improvement was small – but that is to be expected with my MacBook streamlined for video editing. Its Firewall feature also offers you simple control of your incoming and outgoing connections.

Its other paid features are cleaning options. Two of these scan for large or duplicate files , helping you easily locate bulky files that are biting into your storage space. There is also a shredder to ensure specific files cannot be resurrected by anyone.

However, the most useful of its additional features is its App Uninstaller. This allows you to find any apps, check them off the list, then conveniently remove them with a single click.

It is this simple, check-box system, that is Movavi Mac Cleaner’s greatest asset. Many of its features can be carried out manually by the eagle eyed or more obsessive users, but this app provides a simple convenient solution to do it all in one place.

Good value for some

Whether you upgrade to the full version of Movavi Mac Cleaner depends on your own willingness to put in effort. Even with my streamlined machine, going through 72 apps to manually delete them is an effort I would rather not undertake - but maybe you would.

So, give the trial version ago, and then decide if the various improvement it offers your machine are worth the money.

Clean up and speed up your Mac

Movavi Mac Cleaner is a reliable tool for OS X systems that will help you clean up and speed up your Mac. Just like PCs, Apple computers get clogged up with unnecessary files that slow the operating system down. Movavi Mac Cleaner will quickly scan every corner of the system and delete all junk files. Thanks to the multitasking mode you can launch several scans simultaneously and delete files from different categories at the same time. Even inexperienced users will quickly get comfortable with this program because its interface is clear and intuitive.

Movavi Mac Cleaner has a wide range of functions to clean up a Mac quickly and carefully:

System Cleanup

Safely clear system and user cache, remove logs. Don’t worry, the program won’t delete any important files.

Trash Cleanup

Reclaim free disk space by removing files in the Trash.

Duplicates Finder

Quickly locate and delete identical files hiding on your hard drive.

Large Files Scanner

Scan your Mac to find weighty files and clear out gigabytes of space at one fell swoop.


Use the Uninstaller to completely remove user applications as well as standard OS X programs (iTunes, Messages, iMovie, etc.). Delete files left from the regular uninstalling procedure.

Memory cleanup

Speed up your Mac with one click by cleaning out RAM from unused data.


The Shredder will help you securely and permanently erase confidential data to protect your privacy.


Protect your Mac from network security threats by configuring the access rules for inbound traffic.

Use Movavi Mac Cleaner and your computer will always be in shape!

Movavi Mac Cleaner has a number of important features that set the program ahead of its competitors:

- Mac Cleaner is a breeze to use, thanks to its streamlined interface.

- The program includes an Uninstaller tool that lets you safely remove standard OS X applications from your computer.

- The RAM cleaning function gives your Mac an instant performance boost.

- The multitasking capability lets you remove junk files from multiple categories simultaneously.

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Movavi Mac Cleaner


Movavi Mac Cleaner 2

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